Speakpipe alternative

Just like Memo.fm, Speakpipe is a simple tool that makes it easy for people to send you voice messages

The main difference between Memo.fm and Speakpipe is that Memo.fm is created specifcially for podcasters.

Because of this, Memo.fm includes features that only podcasters benefit from. For example, when someone sends a voice message with memo.fm, the "thank you" page includes a section that asks them to leave a podcast review in Apple Podcasts or Spotify (or wherever you want reviews). As a podcaster, you know how important reviews are!

Other than the fact that we are made for podcasters, Memo.fm is styled quite differently to Speakpipe, which means it may suit your brand better. The shorter link is also helpful as it's easier for your listeners to remember and type while on the go.

There's also a difference in how we're priced compared to Speakpipe.

Speakpipe comes with a generous free plan, but prices starts at $144 per year if you need to upgrade.

Memo.fm, on the other hand, has a more restrictive free plan (up to 10 voice messages), but only costs $49 per year when you upgrade.

Hopefully that gives you a good overview of how Memo.fm compares as a Speakpipe alternative.

I go over these points in the short video below: